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Octa Wall

Octa Wall is a two-port charging station designed for home use. It is a modern, safe device that allows the owner of an electric vehicle to charge it at home. This model is also suitable for corporate use. It can be installed near the office so that your car can be charged while you are doing business.

Made with our own technology

Octa UCP technology allows you to combine various electronic modules to create charging stations of any configuration. The main module in Octa Wall is the UCP ComboChannel. It fully controls the charging process and prevents dangerous situations.

Protected from weather conditions

Octa Wall can withstand any weather, does not require additional protection from sun, rain, wind or snow and continues to perform at its optimum level all year round. It is IP54 rated for protection against moisture and dust.

Combines durability and style

Octa Wall is a futuristic design in a robust metal case. The front of the station is made of impact-resistant plastic. There is an LED indication of the charging station status. The electronics are housed in a double casing, which provides perfect protection for their performance in extreme conditions.

Compatible with any electric vehicle

Octa charging stations are compatible with any brand of electric vehicle. Our experts will help you choose the right connector for your electric vehicle.

Simultaneous charging of two vehicles

Octa dual-port stations are capable of charging two electric vehicles at the same time.

Reliable and safe

Octa Wall is equipped with all possible protections and interlocks in case of mains faults, namely: RCDs, differential current leakage protection, grounding quality check, protection against atmospheric electricity, no voltage in the connector in standby mode, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, contactor sticking control, temperature control.

User access control

As an option, Octa charging stations can be equipped with an RFID reader, which allows you to restrict access to others and activate the charging process using access cards that we supply.


Type of possible connectors: Type 1 / Type 2 / GBT

Power output: Depends on the selected connector (up to 44 kW)

Indication of the charging station status: Present

Material: Metal housing

Protection class of the case: IP54

RFID access control: Optional installation available

Warranty: 12 months

Manufacturer: Ukraine (Octa Energy)

Octa Energy

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