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BMW i3– It is a modern compact electric car with an innovative design that combines style and efficiency. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor that ensures smooth and quiet movement. SalonelectroThe mobile is made using high-quality materials and is equipped with modern technologies that provide comfort and convenience while traveling. Thanks to its compact shape and maneuverabilityBMW i3 Ideal for urban use while delivering high performance and low emissions. Advanced technologies, including an electronic control system, ensure comfort and safety while driving. With high efficiency and range, the BMW i3 is becoming an attractive choice for many motorists.

BMW i3 charging features

  • Fast and convenient charging: Thanks to advanced charging technology, the BMW i3 can be charged quickly, reducing waiting times and maximizing battery efficiency.mobile both at home and at public charging stations.
  • Flexibility in choosing the energy source: OwnersBMW i3can choose between different energy sources to charge their electric mobile, including regular sockets, fixed or fast charging stations.
  • Intelligent Control System: The charger is equipped with an intelligent control system that optimizes the charging process, taking into account various factors such as ambient temperature and battery condition.
  • Control: You can easily control the charging process through the mobile application or using voice commands.
  • Energy efficiency: The BMW i3 features an advanced charging management system that optimizes energy consumption, saving on energy costs in the long term.
  • What charging connector does the BMW i3 have?

    The BMW i3 features charging ports for convenience and versatility. One of them is Combo Type 2 (CCS) for direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) charging. It allows you to quickly charge an electric vehicle at high power stations and is suitable for home chargers. Additionally, the i3 also supports a Type 2 (Mennekes) connector for alternating current (AC) charging at up to 22 kW. Both connectors provide compatibility with most standard charging stations, making charging more convenient and accessible for owners of this electric vehicle.

    What is the speed of the charger for BMW i3?

    Charging device forBMW i3 has a high charging speed, providing fast and convenient energy replenishment for an electric vehicle. Charging speed depends on several factors, including the type of station used, the power of the charger, and the current condition of the battery.

    The fastest charging method is to use direct current (DC) charging stations. The charging speed at such stations can reach impressive values, depending on its power. For example, at stations with a power of up to 50 kW, the BMW i3 can be charged to 80% in about 30-40 minutes. High power stations can provide even faster charging.

    However, for charging at home or at public alternating current (AC) stations, the speed may be slightly slower. Charging device forBMW i3 Supports alternating current (AC) charging up to 11 kW, powering the battery in less time than conventional household outlets.

    How to properly charge BMW i3?

    To charge your BMW i3 efficiently and safely, it is recommended to follow a few simple tips:

    1. Choosing the right power source:Make sure that the selected location has the necessary connections and meets electrical safety requirements.
    2. Using genuine cables and connectors: To avoid damage and ensure optimal charging performance, use only original cables and connectors provided by the manufacturer.
    3. Charging Status Monitoring: While charging, monitor the indicators on the instrument panel or mobile app to monitor the current state of charge. This will help you plan your charging time and prevent unnecessary waiting.
    4. Regular maintenance and inspection of the charging system: Periodically check the condition of the charging equipment and monitor its functionality to avoid possible problems during the charging process.
    5. Correct load distribution: If necessary, charge your electric mobile during periods of minimal power consumption to avoid network overload and ensure stable charging speeds.
    6. Battery Maintenance: To maximize battery life, it is recommended that you do not allow the battery to become overheated or too cold. It is also important to prevent it from being completely discharged.

    The BMW i3 electric car represents an innovative approach to the automotive industry, and its charging is an important aspect of the vehicle’s use. Choosing the right charger, the correct connector and following charging recommendations will help ensure maximum performance and longevity of your BMW i3.

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