Commercial charging stations for electric vehicles

Selection, installation and service

Commercial charging stations for electric vehicles

Selection, installation and service

Who needs charging stations?

“Electric car owners charge their cars at any convenient opportunity, it takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours to recharge an electric car, and this is the time that a customer will spend choosing your products or services”

Commercial charging stations

Suitable for all models of electric cars

Commercial single-port charging station

980,00 $1040,00 $

Commercial two-port charging station

1440,00 $1555,00 $

Commercial three-port charging station

1775,00 $1990,00 $

Commercial single-port charging station

1015,00 $1120,00 $

Commercial two-port charging station

1470,00 $1710,00 $

Commercial three-port charging station

1825,00 $1990,00 $

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Features of Octa commercial charging stations

Proprietary technology

The use of our own Octa UCP technology allows us to create for you exactly the configuration of the charging station, the functionality of which will meet all your wishes

Number of ports

We produce one-, two-, and three-port stations. You install one station with two or three ports, which will charge two or three cars at the same time

High-quality performance

Vandal-resistant housing, several levels of protection against power or weather faults, and high-quality electronics ensure stable and long-lasting operation of the charging station

Online access

Stations support OCPP 1.6 (JSON) protocol and work with any mobile application, you can track charging in real time

Metering counter

Allows you to control the power consumption per user. This feature is especially useful if the station serves company employees

Access control

Users are authorized either through the application or by reading contactless access cards

What your business will get from the charging station

Why you should choose Octa Energy


We use our own Octa UCP technology, which allows us to create different station configurations depending on the needs of a particular client


We manufacture charging stations in accordance with ISO/IEC 61851. The devices are certified in Ukraine and the EU and meet safety standards


For Octa charging stations, we use components from only the world's leading manufacturers


Octa charging stations are reliably protected from adverse weather conditions, shocks, voltage fluctuations or power grid errors


We thoroughly test each element during the assembly of the station. Then we test and check the finished station


We help you at all stages of cooperation: from selecting the necessary functions in the station to installing an additional power line

We provide a full range of services




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Answers to frequently asked questions

This is a passive way of earning money. Imagine that you have installed
a charging station at a certain location. The location sells electricity at one cheaper price, and you, as the owner of the station, sell energy to drivers at a higher price. This difference in price is where you make money. On each kW of energy. The more accessible the location you choose for the charging station, the more demand the station will have

The shock-resistant metal housing protects the station from mechanical damage, dust, and moisture. For additional protection, the electronics are housed in a double casing. In the standby mode, there is no voltage in the station’s connector, which makes it safe for an ordinary passerby or even a child. The station is equipped with a residual current device that will instantly turn off the voltage in case of a current leakage.

The UCP module monitors the charging process and suspends the station in the following cases:

1) Lack of grounding
2) Exceeding the output current,
3) Excessive input voltage
4) Short circuit.

The price of the station depends on the power it delivers. We will help you estimate the potential traffic and buy a station with the optimal capacity so that your investment pays off in the shortest possible time. If you can’t yet imagine the possible load on a commercial station, we recommend that you install a three-phase station with a capacity of 22 kW. This will be enough to allow your customers or employees to safely recharge their cars

So, if you need to install several charging stations at your location and combine them into one network, our specialists will make all the necessary connections and configure the network in any application convenient for you

Our production can be found

Commercial charging stations for electric cars

One of the main problems faced by owners of electric cars, even in Kyiv, is finding a convenient and affordable infrastructure for charging electric cars. Unlike traditional vehicles, which can be refueled at any gas station, electric vehicles require charging stations equipped with special charging equipment.

What are commercial charging stations for electric vehicles?

Commercial charging stations are specialized stations designed for charging electric vehicles on a commercial scale. They are installed in strategically important locations, such as business centers, shopping complexes, hotels and other public places. The main goal is to create an extensive network of stations so that electric car owners can move freely and always find an opportunity to recharge their cars.

Commercial electric charging stations are equipped with the latest software, have an extended list of functions and capabilities and can charge up to 3 cars at the same time.

How to make money charging electric cars?

The main principle of earning is based on the difference in the price of purchase and sale of electricity. The owner of the station buys electricity at a certain tariff rate, and then sells it to electric car drivers at a higher price in the process of charging their cars. The difference between these rates becomes the profit from the activity of the charging station.

Such a business is not only financially profitable, but also contributes to the popularization of electric transport, in accordance with the environmental standards of modern society. Of course, it is important to choose the right place to install the station for success, as well as ensure the reliability and quality of the equipment by choosing a proven manufacturer like Octa Energy.

Why should you choose Octa charging stations for business?

For a charging station business, it is important to choose a reliable partner that can provide efficient and technological solutions. Here’s why you should consider Octa charging stations:

  • Own technological development. The stations are equipped with their own Octa UCP control system, which allows you to customize the functionality according to the specific requirements of your business.
  • Flexible configuration. Before ordering a station, you choose how many ports and which functions you need.
  • Reliability. The stations are protected from weather conditions, designed in an anti-vandal case, and the electronics are generally located in a double shell.
  • Ability to control. You can monitor the operation of the stations through a mobile application, and the built-in meter allows you to estimate energy consumption.
  • Versatility. Suitable for all models of electric cars. The stations support the OCPP protocol, so they can be integrated into various control systems.
  • Access control.If necessary, you can configure the function of user authorization through a mobile application or special RFID access cards.

Octa charging stations are your choice for quality, durability and versatility, which have already been chosen by numerous entrepreneurs in Ukraine and abroad.

Don’t wait for the competition to overtake you, buy Octa charging stations and take a step towards a stable and reliable business today.

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