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What is more profitable: an electric car or a gasoline-powered car?

When choosing a vehicle, many people ask the question: what is more profitable – an electric car or a gasoline car? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making a decision. It is also worth taking into account operating costs, fuel costs, purchase costs, environmental and practical aspects. Let’s look […]

What do I do if my electric car battery is completely dead?

Electric vehicle owners should note that the battery requires proper handling and care to ensure a long and efficient service life. In this article we will look at the importance of proper use of an electric vehicle battery, as well as give advice on what to do if the battery is completely discharged and how […]

How to buy an electric car?

Buying an electric car can be a great choice for both the environment and saving on fuel in the long run. However, before choosing a model, it is worth considering a number of important aspects,to ensure we meet your needs and expectations. What to consider when choosing an electric car? 1. Range One of the […]

How to use an electric car in winter?

In winter, electric vehicle owners may face various challenges. Proper operation during this period will help to significantly extend the life of the electric vehicle, ensuring reliable operation, safety and comfort during trips even at low temperatures. During cold weather, electric vehicles are exposed to special conditions that have a negative impact on their performance […]

The best-selling electric cars in Ukraine

There is a growing interest in electric vehicles in Ukraine, which is confirmed by sales statistics. New technologies, environmental friendliness and economic efficiency make them attractive to Ukrainian car enthusiasts. Maintaining and charging electric vehicles is cheaper than operating gasoline or diesel cars. In addition, electric vehicles are a more environmentally friendly option due to […]

Where can I charge my electric car?

Electric cars are in great demand due to their environmental friendliness and efficiency. However, to enjoy all its benefits, it is important to monitor your battery charge. Timely charging ensures uninterrupted operation of the electric vehicle, avoids unexpected stops in the middle of the journey and extends battery life. Possible places to charge an electric […]

How to install charging in a parking lot?

For electric vehicles, it is important to provide a practical charging infrastructure in a convenient location for daily use. A charging station in a parking lot provides many benefits for electric vehicle owners. Let’s look at how to install a charging station, what requirements need to be taken into account and which models are suitable […]

Possible problems with an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental and economic efficiency. However, as with any technology, electric vehicles can have certain problems that make them difficult to use and increase maintenance costs. Let’s look at a few possible problems with electric cars and how to prevent them. Battery problems One of the main […]

Which charging station is better: single-phase or three-phase?

Charging electric vehicles is becoming an increasingly popular process, given the increased focus on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. The right charging station is a key step in charging convenience and efficiency. However, many are interested in what is better: single-phase and three-phase charging. Let’s look at this issue in detail. How does the charging […]

Which is better: hybrid or electric car?

In today’s world, as environmental concerns become more pressing, the choice between electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles becomes increasingly important. They represent two innovative approaches to reducing environmental impact and saving fuel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and deciding whether a hybrid or an electric car is better depends on a number of […]

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