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The Volkswagen ID4 is a revolutionary electric vehicle that combines advanced technology, aesthetics and functionality. Its elegant, modern design blends harmoniously with its innovative interior space. The ID4 features a powerful electric motor for quick acceleration and smooth handling. With an efficient battery that delivers an impressive range, the ID4 is a reliable partner on long trips. Intelligent control systems optimize charging and maximize energy efficiency.

Features of charging Volkswagen ID4 electric vehicles

Charging for Volkswagen ID4 has several important features that make this process more convenient:

  • Connector versatility: Volkswagen ID4 supports both AC and DC current. This provides convenient charging at a variety of stations, from fast charging to home charging.
  • Intelligent Charging Management System: The ID4 has an integrated management system that optimizes the charging process by taking into account various factors such as the current battery charge, ambient temperature and available power at the filling station.
  • Fast Charging: Supporting fast charging technology,Volkswagen ID4 can be charged up to 80% capacity in a relatively short time. This makes it ideal for long trips that don’t require frequent stops to charge.
  • Flexibility of charging options: ID4 provides a wide range of capabilities, including fast charging at DC stations and convenient charging at home AC stations.
  • Efficiency: ChargingVolkswagen ID4 provides high efficiency, which allows you to minimize the time spent refueling an electric vehicle.
  • What charging connector does Volkswagen ID4 have?

    One of the main connectors is Type 2, which provides fast and efficient charging, suitable for public charging stations as well as home systems. Type 2 guarantees a reliable connection and safe power transmission, making it convenient and practical for everyday use.

    For wider compatibility, the Volkswagen ID.4 is also equipped with a CCS (Combined Charging System) connector. This connector combines direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) fast charging capabilities. This functionality provides fast charging capabilities and compatibility with a wide range of charging stations, making charging while traveling much easier.

    Another important aspect– ability to use a standard home charging connector. Volkswagen ID.4 comes with a cable that allows you to connect electromobile to a regular outlet. Although this may take longer than fast charging at dedicated stations, it is especially convenient for charging when other options are not available.

    What is the speed of the Volkswagen ID4 charger?

    Modern technologies ensure efficient energy transfer, which can significantly reduce the time required for charging. The average speed varies depending on the type of charging system used and its power.

    1. Home charging: Home charging speed depends on the power of the charger, usually it is approximately 7-11 kW, which allows for a full charge electromobile in 10-12 hours.
    2. Fast charging at gas stations: At public stations that support high power,Volkswagen ID4 can charge much faster. With these stations, the ID4 can get up to 80% charge in just 30-40 minutes, depending on conditions.

    How to properly charge Volkswagen ID4?

    RIt is recommended to consider some simple tips:

    1. Selecting a station: When planning charging, you should choose reliable and certified charging stations, such as Octa Energy, to avoid possible charging problems.
    2. Check the condition of the connector and station: Make sure that the connector and station are in good condition to avoid possible problems during charging.
    3. Connector Connection: Make sure the charging cable connector is securely connected to bothelectroboth the mobile and the charging station to prevent charging interruption.
    4. Process monitoring: Constantly monitor the charging process via a mobile application or indication on the device itself electromobile to be aware of the current state of charge.
    5. Follow the instructions: Each charging station may have its own features and instructions. Please read them carefully before using them.
    6. Do not leave the electric vehicle charging for too long: After charging is complete, it is recommended to disconnect electromobile from the station to avoid excessive voltage on the battery.

    The Volkswagen ID4 is not only an innovative electric vehicle, but also the embodiment of modern charging technology, providing owners with convenience, reliability and high performance.By following the recommendations and safety rules, you can enjoy all the benefits of a comfortable ride.without unnecessary worries about charging.

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