Production of charging stations for electric vehicles

For home and business

Production of charging stations for electric vehicles

For home and business

We use our own Octa UCP technology

Octa UCP (Universal Charge Platform) is a universal hardware and software platform for creating charging stations in accordance with the ISO/IEC 61851 standard. The UCP concept allows you to create different charger configurations depending on the number of electronic modules and user needs

UCP ComboChannel

Monitors the charging process
and prevents dangeroussituations
for a person, vehicle or
charging station

UCP SuperMain

Implements communication with the mobile application server and the ability to remotely control the station using the OCPP 1.6 protocol (JSON)


Designed to control access to the
charging station and user identification using
access cards

Home stations

Commercial stations

Home single-port charging station

550,00 $575,00 $

Home two-port charging station

925,00 $970,00 $

Home three-port charging station

1320,00 $1470,00 $

Home single-port charging station

585,00 $620,00 $

Home two-port charging station

960,00 $1080,00 $

Home three-port charging station

1390,00 $1485,00 $

Commercial single-port charging station

980,00 $1040,00 $

Commercial two-port charging station

1440,00 $1555,00 $

Commercial three-port charging station

1775,00 $1990,00 $

Commercial single-port charging station

1015,00 $1120,00 $

Commercial two-port charging station

1470,00 $1710,00 $

Commercial three-port charging station

1825,00 $1990,00 $

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We provide several levels of protection

Weather conditions

The level of protection against moisture and dust is IP54. The station operates stably in rain, thunderstorms or February frosts. It continues to operate even in extreme heat

Protection for electronics

The electronics are housed in a double case, protected against shock and moisture, and there is protection against voltage surges

Mechanical damage

Each power station has a durable, vandal-resistant metal case. The front of the station is made of frost-resistant plastic

Network errors

The station is equipped with all the necessary protections and interlocks for safe operation in case of dangerous changes in the power grid

“We have abandoned template solutions and created our own product, which is of higher quality and safer, independently developing and testing each module while assembling the charging station”

About the company

“Octa Energy is a Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of charging stations for electric vehicles. We create safe, intelligent and convenient stations for home and commercial use. Customers in Ukraine and abroad have already seen the quality of our product

Years of experience
Stations sold
Different countries

We guarantee each client


We use components only from leading manufacturers to ensure stable operation of the plant: Schneider Electric (Germany), Hager (Germany), Mean Well (Taiwan), Telit (Italy)


The use of proprietary Octa UCP technology and European components, combined with the high professionalism of our specialists, allows us to be confident in the reliability of charging stations


You get a 1-year product warranty and unlimited post-warranty support. If you have any questions during the operation of the station, our service support will help you

“Octa charging stations are certified in Ukraine and the European Union and fully comply with international safety standards”

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Answers to frequently asked questions

To charge your car, you need to drive to a charging station and plug the charging cable into the car’s socket. To start the charging process, attach the access card to the station or use the mobile application. The charging time depends on the power of the station and the capacity of the car battery
Our charging stations are absolutely safe for your car, regardless of the power output of the station. The charging stations have been fully certified and meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment and the Technical Regulations on Low Voltage Equipment.
Yes, it is absolutely safe. When the station is not in use, there is no voltage in the charging cable. And the safety of the charging process is guaranteed by a reliable protection system that instantly turns off the voltage in case of any threat of current leakage
Octa commercial charging stations support the OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol. The stations work with any mobile application
To order a charging station, you need to contact us. Our experts will consult you and offer you a station of the optimal configuration at an adequate price
Home charging stations are maintenance-free. If you wish, you can call our specialist to check the electronics and connection quality. We provide regular software updates for commercial charging stations
Octa charging stations are suitable for the most common electric cars: Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Chevrolet Volt, Tesla, Ford Focus Electric, BMW I3, Mercedes B-class

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