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Characteristics of Octa Wall

Reliable and safe

Octa Wall is equipped with all possible protections and interlocks in case of mains faults
RCDs, differential current leakage protection
Grounding quality check, lightning protection
No voltage in the connector in standby mode
Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
Short circuit protection, temperature control

Power balancing between ports

Octa two-port charging stations have the ability to share power between two ports
Automatic power sharing when connecting two cars
The division function can be turned on or off
Works with 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase connection

Works without network overload

The special Octa Power Manager device balances the power and ensures that the network is not overloaded, reduces or increases the power level of the station depending on the network load at a particular moment
Additional level of security for the station owner
No restrictions on the use of household appliances (for home stations)
Possibility to install several charging stations at once in one location

Combines durability and style

Octa Wall is a futuristic design in a durable metal case. The front of the station has impact-resistant plastic. Additional branding of the case for commercial stations is possible
Stylish and laconic design
LED indication of the charging station status
Wall or floor installation

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Protected from weather conditions

Octa Wall can withstand any weather, does not require additional protection from sun, rain, wind or snow and continues to operate at optimal levels all year round
Level of protection against moisture and dust IP54
Operating temperature range -25°C to +40°C
Indoor or outdoor installation

Made with our own technology

Octa UCP technology allows you to combine various electronic modules and create charging stations of any configuration. The main module in Octa Wall is UCP ComboChannel
According to ISO/ІЕС 61851 standard
Control of the charging process
Prevents the occurrence of dangerous situations

With remote access capability

Octa Smart Wall in commercial version supports communication with the server via the OCPP 1.6 (JSON) protocol and can connect to any mobile application. You get information about the charging session in real time
Ability to configure autorun
Remote control and monitoring
Free remote software update

User access control

As an option, Octa charging stations can be equipped with an RFID reader, which allows you to restrict access for others and activate the charging process using access cards that we supply in the kit
Activation via access cards
Protection from third party users
With the ability to add additional cards

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We will help you choose the configuration, carry out all the settings, and also provide a 1-year warranty

Compatible with any electric vehicle

Flexible configuration of station functionality allows you to use Octa stations for both home (Octa Wall) and commercial use (Octa Smart Wall)
Connector power from 7 to 22 kW
Types of connectors: Type 1 / Type 2 / GBT
Charges at least twice as fast as a regular outlet

Simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles

Octa two-port charging stations can charge two electric vehicles at the same time for your convenience
Possibility of simultaneous charging of two cars
With power up to 22 kW per port
Complete set with different connectors

Order the Octa Wall station

We will help you choose the configuration, carry out all the settings, and also provide a 1-year warranty

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