Home charging stations for electric vehicles

Sales and installation

Home charging stations for electric vehicles

Sales and installation

Charge your electric car

Hurry up

The power of a stationary charging station allows you to charge a car at least twice as fast as a regular outlet and 50% faster than a portable charger


Charging at home is 5 times cheaper: the price of 1 kW of energy at home is UAH 1.70, the price of 1 kW at public charging stations is UAH 8. And with a nighttime electricity tariff, the savings are even greater


The charging station has a full-fledged and reliable protection and interlocking system that controls the charging process and prevents any dangerous situations for a person or a car

More convenient

With a home station, you don't have to go to public charging stations and wait for the charging to complete. The car charges while you sleep and is ready to go in the morning

“We select the station with the best characteristics for your needs. We take into account the car brand, available power and future location of the station”

Where to install the charging station?

In the garage

In the yard

In the parkin

Home charging stations

Suitable for all models of electric cars

Home single-port charging station

550,00 $575,00 $

Home two-port charging station

925,00 $970,00 $

Home three-port charging station

1320,00 $1470,00 $

Home single-port charging station

585,00 $620,00 $

Home two-port charging station

960,00 $1080,00 $

Home three-port charging station

1390,00 $1485,00 $

Not sure which station to choose?

We will help you! Leave a request and our specialist will contact you as soon as possible

Why you should choose Octa Energy


We use our own Octa UCP technology, which allows us to create different station configurations depending on the needs of a particular client


We manufacture charging stations in accordance with ISO/IEC 61851. The devices are certified in Ukraine and the EU and meet safety standards


For Octa charging stations, we use components from only the world's leading manufacturers


Octa charging stations are reliably protected from adverse weather conditions, shocks, voltage fluctuations or power grid errors


We thoroughly test each element during the assembly of the station. Then we test and check the finished station


We help you at all stages of cooperation: from selecting the necessary functions in the station to installing an additional power line

We provide a full range of services




How we will cooperate


You fill out the application form on the website, we contact you and arrange a consultation time to clarify the necessary details


We determine for which electric car you need to buy a station, how many ports you need, and how much power you can allocate for the charging installation


Our specialists install and connect the charging station. If necessary, they also install an additional power line to supply the station


After connecting and thoroughly checking the station's operation, our experts show you how to use the charger and answer your questions

Our equipment is used by

Examples of realized objects

Answers to frequently asked questions

First of all, choose a place for the station. It can be a wall, a fence, a garage, etc. It is also possible to install the station on a special console. And then – talk to our specialist to determine what power you need

Home charging stations are maintenance-free. If you wish, you can call our specialist for a preventive check of the electronics and connection quality

Yes, it is absolutely safe. When the station is not in use, there is no voltage in the charging cable. And the safety of the charging process is guaranteed by a reliable protection system that instantly turns off the voltage in case of any threat of current leakage

For example, Octa charging stations have temperature control, lightning protection, and IP54 protection against moisture and dust. The electronics are housed in a double casing, which provides additional protection for them. Therefore, our stations operate stably in the open air in the summer heat, severe frosts or showers

If the new electric car has a different charging connector, we will replace the connector at the home station and you will be able to use it in the future

Octa charging stations are suitable for all electric cars. The most common models: Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla, Ford Focus Electric, Volkswagen ID.4, BMW I3, Mercedes B-class

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