In winter, electric vehicle owners may face various challenges. Proper operation during this period will help to significantly extend the life of the electric vehicle, ensuring reliable operation, safety and comfort during trips even at low temperatures.

During cold weather, electric vehicles are exposed to special conditions that have a negative impact on their performance and durability. Low temperatures can:

In this article we will look at several main aspects of how to use an electric car in the cold season.

“Failure to follow winter operating recommendations may result in reduced performance and even damage to key components.” – Octa Energy

1. Prepare the battery

The battery of an electric vehicle is sensitive to low temperatures, so it may lose part of its capacity. To ensure proper operation of your electric car, periodically charge the battery and check its condition. It is important to maintain an optimal charge level, preventing complete discharge.

Beforestart of the tripIt is recommended to warm up the battery to improve its effectiveness. Many modern electric vehicle models have a preheating function that helps maintain the appropriate battery temperature.

2. Manage your energy consumption

In winter, an electric vehicle’s energy consumption increases due to heating and reduced battery efficiency.Use heating only when necessary and Plan your trips in advance to avoid unnecessary stops and increased time spent on the street.

3. Provide good thermal insulation

Good thermal insulation plays an important role in keeping the interior warm. Check the condition of door and window seals and make sure they close tightly. Use special covers on the steering wheel and seats to reduce heat loss through interior surfaces.

4. Choose the right tires

The correct choice of tires in winter significantly affects handling and driving safety. Install winter tires with adapted tread to ensure good traction. Check your tire pressure periodically as it may vary depending on the ambient temperature.

5. Correct charging equipment

Selecting appropriate charging equipment is of great importance for winter operation of an electric vehicle. It must provide suitable conditions for charging the battery, maintaining its temperature at an optimal level. Chargers from Octa are certified and meet safety requirements, so they will help reduce the risk of battery damage and maintain its performance for a long time.

6. Regular maintenance

Timely service diagnostics play a key role in maintaining an electric vehicle in working condition throughout the year, especially in winter conditions. Check periodically battery status,work electronics, cooling and heating systems, as well as brakes. Contact certified specialists for maintenance and repair of your electric vehicle.If you notice any malfunctions or wear on components, it is recommended to promptly repair or replace parts.

Proper winter operation includes regularly checking the condition of the electric vehicle, ensuring optimal temperatures for all systems, managing energy consumption and using the correct charging equipment. These measures make it possible to minimize the negative impact of winter conditions on an electric vehicle and maintain it in excellent performance not only throughout the season, but also throughout the year.

Proper care not only guarantees long service life of the vehicle, but also ensures quiet and safe operation of all elements under different temperature conditions. This is an important aspect for all electric vehicle owners and requires careful consideration.

“Winter exploitation of an electric vehicle requires not only care, but also an understanding of how to maintain its performance and reliability in low temperature conditions.” – Octa Energy

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