In Ukraine, there is a steady increase in the popularity of electric vehicles, because they are modern, environmentally friendly, and require low maintenance costs. However, the owner of an electric car immediately faces the question: where to charge his new car?

Many people decide to install a charging station right at home – in the garage or in the yard. This ensures comfort and availability of charging at any time. But how to organize this process correctly? What steps do you need to go through to install a charging station? In this article we will talk in detail about how to coordinate the installation of a charging station in your home and make the process of charging your electric car as convenient and efficient as possible.

Step 1. Coordination of installation of the charging station

Make sure the power supply to your facility meets the required requirements. How to do it?

  1. First, you need to find your agreement on the distribution of electrical energy. It indicates the permitted power that your home can consume.
  2. Now you need to calculate how much electricity your household consumes in total. To do this, add up the power of all household electrical appliances, lighting, heating and other things. Be sure to add the power of the charging station you have chosen. The resulting value will be the total power consumption.
  3. If this total power does not exceed the permissible limit specified in the contract, you can immediately proceed to step 2 and begin installing the charging station. If there is not enough power, you need to contact the energy supply organization, request an increase in power and make changes to the distribution agreement.

The station can be installed only after the required power has been allocated and agreed upon.

This stage also includes the development of technical specifications, technical design, selection of necessary equipment (power of machines, length and characteristics of power cable, etc.).

The project must be agreed upon with the competent authorities. For example, with the OSBB board, if the installation is planned in the parking lot of an apartment building, or with the energy company.

“Coordination the installation of a charging station in your home is an important task that will provide you with convenience and stability in the future. Give your home the opportunity to become the source of energy for your electric vehicle.”Octa Energy

Stage 2. Installation and installation of the charging station

Selecting a suitable location for installing a charging station

The first step in the process of installing a charging station is choosing a suitable location. This could be a garage, yard, or other convenient location with good access to power. It is important to make sure that the selected location meets all technical and safety requirements, and also ensures ease of use of the station in the future.

Purchase and delivery of Octa charging station

After choosing a location, you should proceed to purchasing a charging station. We recommend choosing charging stations from Octa, which are of high quality and reliability. The company’s specialists will select the appropriate station configuration for you. After completing your purchase, expect the station to be delivered to the specified address.

Installation and assembly of the charging station in accordance with instructions and safety requirements

Once the charging station has been delivered, installation and installation can begin. Installation instructions provided by the manufacturer must be strictly followed and all safety requirements must be met.

It is recommended to contact certified specialists for installation work, as this will ensure the correct and safe installation of the charging station. The installation itself includes the following steps:

  1. Installing a ground loop.
  2. Laying the power cable from the electrical distribution panel.
  3. Installation of machines of the required power.
  4. Installing the console (if necessary).
  5. Attaching the station to a wall or console.
  6. Connecting the station to the network.
  7. Checking functionality.

After installation is complete, check with a specialist that the installation was completed correctly and the charging station is ready for use by checking all connections and the functionality of the device.

These steps will help you ensure that the charging station is installed correctly and safely in your chosen location, ensuring the comfort and convenience of charging your electric vehicle in the long run.

As you can see, with the right approach and strict adherence to the recommendations, the process of approval and installation of a charging station becomes quite transparent and manageable. However, to ensure maximum efficiency and safety, it is important to choose high-quality and reliable equipment.

Octa develops and produces charging stations that are of high quality, reliability and thoughtful design. The company’s specialists will not only help you choose the optimal device model, taking into account all your needs and power supply features, but will also offer a full range of services for its installation and coordination. With Octa you can be sure that the entire process from purchase to installation will be smooth and hassle-free.

In addition, Octa offers commissioning, connection and configuration of applications for operating the charging station, as well as training in the safe operation of the device.

Don’t miss the chance to make charging your electric vehicle convenient and efficient. Choose Octa charging stations – and your electric car will always be ready for the road!

“Installing an Octa charging station is your step into an electric future without limits. Your home becomes a place where technology and comfort come together, and every charge is caring for your electric vehicle.”Octa Energy

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