For electric vehicles, it is important to provide a practical charging infrastructure in a convenient location for daily use. A charging station in a parking lot provides many benefits for electric vehicle owners. Let’s look at how to install a charging station, what requirements need to be taken into account and which models are suitable for this purpose.

“Installing charging infrastructure in parking is an investment in a future where electric vehicles will become an integral part of our daily lives.” – Octa Energy

Features of installing a charging station in a parking lot

Requirements for installing charging stations in parking lots

The installation must meet all technical requirements for electric vehicle charging stations to ensure their efficient operation. Basic requirements include the following aspects.

What models of Octa charging stations can be installed in a parking lot?

Octa Smart Wall Home Single Port Charging Station

It is intended for home use, so it can also be installed in a parking lot. It has one port, making it ideal for individual use in parking lots with limited space. The station supports the OCPP 1.6 protocol, which allows it to work with any mobile application and provide data on the charging process in real time. It is compatible with all models of electric vehicles, has short circuit protection and temperature control.

Octa Smart Wall Commercial Dual Port Charging Station

This model is distinguished by the presence of two ports, which allows you to simultaneously charge two electric vehicles. This makes it an ideal choice for home parking lots or commercial buildings where multiple electric vehicles need to be serviced. Like the single-port model, this station supports the OCPP 1.6 protocol and is equipped with an access control system that allows you to authorize users through an application or contactless access cards. It has a charge status indication, protection against extreme conditions and is suitable for any electric vehicle.

Installing a charging station in a parking lot is not only practical and convenient, but also a responsible decision that requires adequate planning and compliance with technical standards.

“Charging stations from Octa provide a variety of options for placement in parking lots, allowing you to choose the optimal solution based on your specific needs and requirements.” – Octa Energy

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