Electric cars are actively being introduced into everyday life, becoming an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to traditional cars with internal combustion engines. However, the efficiency of using an electric vehicle largely depends on the correct choice of charging station.

A suitable charging station will not only provide comfort in the daily use of an electric car, but will also help optimize energy costs and extend the battery life. Let’s look at the main criteria and recommendations for choosing a charging station for an electric vehicle.

Why is it important to choose the right charging station

Choosing the right electric vehicle charging station can dramatically change your driving experience. Let’s look together at the key points that highlight the importance of this decision.

Choosing the right charging station becomes an investment in the comfort and efficiency of using your electric vehicle, while maintaining optimal battery condition for a long time.

“Choosing an electric vehicle charging station is more than just charging, it’s an investment in the energy of the future.”Octa Energy

Which charging station to choose: for home or for commercial purposes?

The choice between a commercial and home charging station depends on your personal circumstances, needs and business plans. Let’s consider in what cases which type of station to choose.

You should choose a home charging station if you:

Choose a commercial charging station if:

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your individual use case, financial capabilities and long-term plans.

“Choosing between a home and commercial charging station isn’t just a charging decision. It’s a decision about how you invest energy in your life: in your home or electrical business development.”Octa Energy

How to choose the required station power?

Electric vehicle charging stations are classified into three levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 1 and 2 offer powers from 2.3 kW to 22 kW, providing alternating current (AC) charging. Level 3 charging stations offer much higher power, up to 400 kW, providing direct current (DC) charging, making the charging process significantly faster.

What is important when choosing power?

  1. Power that can be supplied to a station at a specific location. The idea is to ensure that the charging station does not require more than what your electrical grid can supply.
  2. Characteristics of an electric vehicle. Different electric vehicle models have different maximum charging speeds. For example, the Nissan Leaf can charge at up to 3.5 kW. Even if you connect it to a more powerful station, it will not charge faster. Therefore, find out what charging power is optimal for your model.
  3. Your needs. For commercial locations, it is better to choose the fastest charging possible so that owners can recharge their car even in a short time. In addition, accurate power calculations are very important. For public parking and commercial use – to efficiently distribute power between machines and not to overload the network, for home stations – to also avoid overloads in the network.

Why is this important?

If your electric car and other devices in the house use a lot of electricity at the same time, it can overload the grid, causing circuit breakers to trip and stop charging. It is necessary that the charging station’s power is within the limits of what your electrical network can handle.

If you plan to install several stations, choose a model that can charge two cars at the same time, dividing the power between them. This will help you efficiently use the available power and charge multiple cars without overloading the network.

Choosing the right charging station power not only helps you charge your electric vehicle efficiently, but also ensures charging safety and saves money.

Additional features worth paying attention to

For a commercial charging station, it is better to choose universal connectors, such as Type 2 or Type 1. They are standard in most countries and are compatible with various car models. This will ensure greater accessibility of the station to potential users.

Maintenance and update

In addition to the characteristics of the device itself, it is also important to pay attention to the following points:

Octa is a developer and manufacturer of charging stations, so we control the quality of devices at every stage of production. Octa charging stations will provide you with reliability and an innovative approach, and our team will help with the selection of the required configuration, installation and connection of the station.

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